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KnowDisability Students with Teacher Mohit Ahuja


"If you don't believe in your dreams, nobody else will."

At Bikers for Good, doing good is not limited to our rides. We believe in doing good on a daily basis, and that is why, some of us take out time and make an effort to change lives for the better. With our partnering NGO, we are empowering individuals with special needs with creative skills like Photography.  Labelled as mentally retarded, intellectually challenged, disabled, or sometimes “bechaaras” by the society, the students are now full-timers at Bikers for Good and are breaking the norms of the so-called “NORMAL”.
For two years they have been trained in the skill of photography by Mohit Ahuja, an advertising professional who also happens to be a sibling to an intellectually-challenged elder sister.


In this short span of time, they have worked for brands like Lumix India, Red Fort Harley Davidson, Gurgaon Moms,  Indian Coach Federation,
Rohit Bal, The Princess Diya Kumari Foundation, and many more. 


They are now also the featured photographers for Panasonic India and have been the brand ambassadors of the initiative called #BeyondFrames.

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