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10 Motorcycle accessories that make absolutely no sense

You remember seeing those posts of men waiting, bored, half-dead inside shopping malls as their better halves go shopping? Well, the exact opposite happens when it comes to shopping for their bikes. Bikers, both male and female love shopping for themselves and their bikes, and why not? That’s what we live for. But, let’s accept it. In a bid to look cool and fit in, a lot of people end up buying stuff that makes absolutely no sense. Read through the list below and ask yourself why?

Cheap Jaguar / Tiger / Lion emblem

We understand that you feel like a beast riding your bike. Or, maybe you call your bike a beast. Justified! But, what on earth is that leopard doing on your bike’s mudguard? Adopt a pet sir. You’ll help another life, as much as your own.

Acrylic Mustaches

Yes, beards and mustaches differentiate men from the boys, but what purpose is that acrylic mustache solving on your bike?

We’ve spotted some clean-shaven guys riding around with these mustaches on their bikes too. Why? Because… there is still hope in the world.

Grow one son!

Fake NOS Cylinders

This is a classic example of “Fake it till you make it!”

If the cheap copies of famous superbikes wasn’t enough, we have people copying NOS cylinders and putting fake ones on their bikes. If you happen to cross one such guy on the road, look scared, very very scared. He’ll feel good and that’s what he wants. Little does he realize that the joke’s on him.

Saree guard on track oriented bikes

Let’s observe 2 minute silence. God bless the Indian Government for doing this to us.

Multi-coloured headlamps

Remember that B-grade movie song with loud beats and lyrics that made absolutely no sense? Get 10-15 of these bikes together and you have the floor set. Why would someone put such a headlight? We’re losing faith in humanity.

Handlebar speakers

Bikers love music. All of us do. And, when we’re riding, it just adds to that feeling of freedom. But, a Helmet Bluetooth is a great accessory for that, plus you can answer calls and do a trillion other things through that.

The handlebar speakers only announce your arrival when your bike doesn’t, and honestly, it is not a great visual to see a Honda Gold Wing or a Harley Davidson Street Glide playing cheesy Bollywood numbers.

We as bikers have that rock/metal listening cowboy-ish stereotype and for once, we are okay with that, period!

Fake Radio Antenna

This makes absolutely no sense unless you are a NASA scientist who has his life hooked to a radio signal. Why do people buy it? It is just a stick with absolutely no utility, unless you plan to dry your inners while you are riding cross-country. #justsaying

Strobe Lights

A lot of you out there will say this is very useful for visibility at night, it helps save your life and all of that. Honestly, even I used it for a very small period of time and then, I got to know that that flickering light can cause a seizure to a person suffering from epilepsy. (Go Google it)

It is something that can claim lives more than save them. There are many other things that can help you be more visible at night. Shift to one of those and save more than just your life.

Fake superbike exhaust on scooters

We strongly believe that it’s the biker and never the bike. So even if you ride a litre bike, scooter or even if you don’t ride, you’re still welcome to the family. The size of your bike does not define your love for biking.

But, a loud exhaust on a scooter makes absolutely no sense. It’s more like midlife crisis. Now with that wannabe sound you neither have a scooter nor a bike.

Woman shrieking horn

This would be the last in the list, but trust me, if not more this is equally annoying than all the others. I can come to terms with the fanciest of horns but what pleasure does someone get out of a horn that sounds like a woman shrieking? Looks like a prospective rapist to me and tell me why I should be thinking otherwise.

Want to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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