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10 Motorcycle Clubs across India that still make sense.

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Motorcycling has really picked up in India in the past few years. We’ve seen times when spotting another fully geared up guy on a bike was a rarity and the bigger faster so-called superbikes were lesser heard of and even lesser seen. But then, motorcycling companies saw potential and we saw some really good, bigger, better, faster bikes entering the Indian motorcycling scene.

Along came social media and the biker-next-door realized that all you needed was a nice logo, a few clicks and some t-shirts, key-chains and other such contraptions to start your own Motorcycle Club. Then, almost like a bunch of bunnies, newer motorcycling clubs started coming up. Some took birth out of egos from their ex-clubs, some for the love of a specific brand, some to sell products and then there are some that are still wondering why they even exist.

Anyhow, at the risk of getting shunned by the ones we did not feature here (and the branded ones), here’s a list of 10 motorcycle clubs that are still sane enough to be a part of. Let us point out that there is no ranking here and nor are we looking at how old the club is, how many members it has or what’s the size/make of the bikes they ride.

1. Motorhead Motorcycle Club, Delhi

There are a lot of Harley clubs around us, and a lot of other superbikers as well. But, something that you very rarely find is these bikers riding in perfect harmony. The club founders would just shrug their shoulders as even for them, it is tough to accept the fact that with big bikes come big egos.

But then, have a look at Motorhead Motorcycle Club, Delhi and you’d be reminded of those beautiful riding formation videos we keep sharing on social media. The club consists of CEOs and CFOs, but the egos hardly exist. These are gentlemen who don’t need to dress dapper to make a statement. This picture is just one example of how this club rides and trust us, when they cross you, you’d be in awe, wondering what went wrong with the other big-bike-clubs you’ve seen.

2. Road Thrill

Spread across India and sharing the love for Royal Enfields amongst other bikes, the Road Thrill Motorcycle Club is slowly growing up to be a full-fledged community that rides by values and abides by the code of the brotherhood. One ride with them and you’d know what brotherhood really means like. There are different chapters that work perfectly in sync, with no false egos or fights over who got the biggest number of people joining the ride. They’re here for the thrill and that’s what has kept them united by far.

3. The Bullet Buddhas (Kochi)

Think of a nasty rugged motorcycle film that you’ve watched. Remember those we-will-kick-your-arse kind of characters that turn out to be the good guys by the end of the film? That’s the god damned Bullet Buddhas for you. These boys know their bikes like the back of their hands, go riding on beaches, do dirt track racing like it’s nobody’s business and maintain their sanity with their much loved bikes.

4. 19BHP (Rajasthan)

Go to any biker gathering and you’ll find people of all ages going gaga over the BHP of their bikes or how many cc those toys are. But then, here’s 19BHP, where BHP stands for Brotherhood Power. Hailing out of Rajasthan, these guys add credibility to something you’d realize in Rajasthan. “In the desert, there’s not enough water to drink and not even proper food, but you will always find a smile on every face.” For all the bikers riding near or around Rajasthan, just get in touch with these guys and they’ll be happy to come to escort you, treat you to some great food and make you family in no time. And no, there’s no agenda attached with all of this. It is purely brotherhood power as they say.

5. GEARS (Goan Enthusiasts And Riders)

One of the biggest benefits these guys enjoy over a lot of us lesser species is that they not just ride around all the beautiful places in Goa but also live in Goa. The pictures on their social media would want you just pack your bags and ride off to Goa and that, friends, is a great idea because when you do, the guys at GEARS would be more than happy to show you around. Trust us.

6. Group of Delhi’s Superbikers (GODS)

On any given Sunday, you either go to church or to the GODS. The Group Of Delhi’s Superbikers is by far the oldest superbike owning motorcycle club. In a few years, they shall be completing two decades of existence, but figure out how much two decades mean in days, in hours and in minutes. That would be precisely the number of youngsters GODS has inspired to take up safe superbiking and continue to do so under the aegis of the founder, Dr. Arun Thareja, a.k.a. Dr. Speed.

7. Falcons Motorsports Club (Burdwan)

Does a small place like Burdwan, one that people haven’t even heard much about; does a place like this also have a motorcycle club? It bloody well does, and these are guys who you meet and you become family instantly. The FMSC have bikes of all sizes and shapes and their egos stay in control. They’re known for standing up for social causes and doing their bit every now and then and that just adds more value to their existence.

8. The Biker Breed (Dehradun)

If you’re in Dehradun and you see a line of bikers on KTMs amidst other bikes riding on the curves, in all probability you’ve seen The Biker Breed Motorcycle Club. Go to Doon anytime of the year and give a shout out to these boys and a handful of them surely turn up to take you for a spin, share some brotherly moments or just play hosts for the bikers who don’t know much about the area. The Biker Breed consists of students, track enthusiasts, mechanics and bike builders amongst others. Check them out.

9. Assam Bikers (Assam)

There is something very beautiful about the seven sisters, and the Assam Bikers make it even better. Even though they’re called Assam Bikers, these guys are spread all over the seven sisters and unlike the rest of India where we keep fighting (accept it), they’re pretty much united in spirit, even though the geographical location and the sizes of the steeds may differ. Oh, and they have the biggest blessings amongst all; wallpaper ready locations to shoot and ride their bikes in.

10. Jawa Yezdi Club

Every biker in India has grown up listening to the stories of Jawas and Yezdis being ridden by their elders and how they were the bikes that ruled post the freedom era. But, the Jawa Yezdi club, spread across India via different chapters is keeping that love intact. Go to any big biker event and you’ll find a bunch of these guys riding in and displaying their steeds for everyone to drool on. They’re collectors and bikers combined, one combination found not so often.

Think any other club makes it to the list? Tell us in the comments section.

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riderz army
riderz army
Nov 09, 2023

dont call people who ride without gears as riding clubs . they are just group of people


riderz army
riderz army
Nov 09, 2023

RiderzArmy –South India's premier motorcycle community for riders and riding clubs! We are more than just a group of enthusiasts; we are a family united by a passion for riding and a commitment to promoting safe motorcycling across India.


Urvashi Patole
Urvashi Patole
Oct 27, 2023

Doesn't the Bikerni make sense to you?


Dr. Loveneesh Tyagi
Dr. Loveneesh Tyagi
Mar 07, 2023

DPR i.e. Delhi Piston Riders is one of the largest bikers grp in Delhi with all RE lovers in the gang. Its recognized by RE themselves too.

Must hv been included in this list.


Zacharias Rohith Joseph
Zacharias Rohith Joseph
Feb 24, 2023

You dont have the Madras Bulls and you call this a list.

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