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5 Most Expensive Luxury Cruising Motorcycles Available in India

India has a huge fan following for cruiser and tourer bikes, every rider dreams to take one of them out for a cross country ride. Despite the fact that the most selling segment in Indian bike market is 100cc category, almost all the iconic brands and their flagship bikes are available in India. So here we have a list of the most expensive and finest cruising machines available for sale in India.

BMW K 1600 GTL

The company claims it to be a machine for luxury travel. The legendry 6 cylinder engine produces 160 horses of power and a peak torque of 175 Newtons. The bike is available in India for Rs. 28.3 lacs (ex-showroom).

Honda Gold Wing Tour

This bike is also known as a sofa on 2 wheels. The iconic goldwing is the first luxury tourer machine witnessed by the world back since 1974. The bike is powered by a 1833cc power-plant that churns out 124.6 horses of power and a peak torque of 170 Newtons at 4500. Honda Gold Wing Tour is priced at Rs. 28.5 lacs (ex-showroom).

Harley-Davidson CVO Limited

Harley’s flagship luxury built, made by company’s Custon Vehicle Operation (CVO) is one of the most exclusive bikes offered by Harley Davisdon. The 1868cc motor produces a healthy 165 Newtons of torque at 3250 RPM. The flagship Harley Davidson is available at a price of RS. 50.22 lacs (ex-showroom).

Indian Roadmaster

The American brand is known for making one of the finest and most luxurious bikes in the world. While the Roadmaster is the flagship model available worldwide as well as in India. The huge 1811cc engine produces 138.9 Newtons of torque at 2600 RPM. The customers can take it home for Rs. 39.99 lacs (ex-showroom).

Indian Chieftain Elite

The recently launched motorcycle straight away marks its presence in the list of top 5 most expensive Cruiser bikes available in India. The exclusively hand painted bike takes 25 hours to get its makeover. No 2 Chieftain Elite motorcycles will be same, and the company will only produce a number of 350 motorcycles worldwide, without any specified number for bikes to be offered in India. The bike is offered at a price of Rs. 38 lacs (ex-showroom).

*All the prices listed above are Ex-showroom Mumbai

So which one are you taking for your cross-country ride? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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