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7 must have accessories for bikers

Technology has transformed the world, and there is no reason why you cannot have some of it on your bike. Whether you’re an old-school guy or a gadget freak, there are still some things that shall make riding more fun and safe for you. We have curated a list of 7 such things, we think, a biker must have.

1. Helmet intercom system

The helmet intercom system is one of the most practical gadgets ever built for bikers. It helps in reducing noise and is much safer as compared to the hands-free cable.

It keeps you connected with your fellow riders. Also, you can receive calls on the go, which leads to a hassle-free ride. This also works as a great personal music system to listen to music while riding. However, we would advise you to keep the audio levels just enough to let you hear that mad car guy honking like a maniac behind you.

2. Mobile charger

If you take a person off his food for 4 days, he might not die, but tell someone to not use their mobile phone and you’ll see them slowly lose consciousness. To save such souls, the mobile charger was invented. The mobile charger can be very helpful on long rides to keep you in touch with the rest of the world. So no need to crib the next time you’re at a picturesque place and you can’t share it with the world because of a dead cell phone. Oh, and it also helps in case there is a real emergency FYI.

3. Mobile mount

The best way to keep your mobile while riding is to mount it either on the handlebar or on the tank. It makes your ride comfortable as the mounted mobile can be used in many ways, from watching who’s calling you to tracking the GPS route or even just checking the time etc. (No! Don’t think about Netflix here.)

From now on, every time someone calls you while you are riding, you don’t have to stop to check it and respond even if it is not important.

And, every single biker knows this. The lesser the baggage, the farther you go. So just mount the mini-idiot-box on the bike, plug-in your favourite music and ride away into the sunset.

4. Anti-theft system/central locking

Recent incidents of armed robberies of KTMs got famous. (JS Films)

You don’t need to depend completely on the police you can track the bike yourself.

One of the biggest problem with the trespassers is that they don’t care about your bike. They just want a picture with it. Most of which results in scratching the paint or dropping your lovely machines. The anti theft system comes with a buzzer which buzz whenever the bike is being touched.

5. Hazard lights

They say, “Most accidents happen because of the nut connecting the handlebars to the bike.” Well, you might not necessarily be that nut. More often than not, bikers crash because someone else did not see them. Now you can either go finding logic in that or save your butt by installing the simple solution called Hazard Lights. This is one simple way to save a crash on a bike. It makes you visible to other people on the road and more visibility means more safety. However, we wouldn’t recommend those blinking flashers that have very recently entered the market as they could cause a seizure to a person suffering from epilepsy while making you look like a Diwali mannequin.

6. Pocket Allan key set

You never know when you need to open the bike. For example, if you are riding peacefully and suddenly the bike stalls, it could be due to many reasons. One of which could be the choking of air filter. All you need to do is to open the box and pat on it so that it can take you to the nearest workshop. This one short and simple tool set can be a life saver at that moment. Also it is always fun to fiddle with your own bike and repair it yourself.

7. Dash Cam

This could be a great thing for bikers unless someday the government of India wakes up and bans them for lack of ISI certification. Basically, it refers to a camera which is mounted or placed on the dashboard/mudguard which records the ride so that the footage could be used later.

In case of a mishap, even if the cops get sold-off to the other party, you have your own evidence to show in the court of law.

What else you got on your bike? Let us know in the comments section below....

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