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BMW Motorrad Launches G310 Twins in India

That’s the very first glimpse of the BMW G310 R that everyone got… indeed, BMW did it like a boss.

BMW Motorrad India just launched the G310 twins i.e. the G310 R and the G310 GS at the BMW Group Training Centre in Gurgaon, Haryana.

The G310 R and the G310 GS are priced at Rs. 2.99L and Rs. 3.49L ex-showroom, Delhi.

Unlike a lot many manufacturers who have launched bikes in the past with studio-lit setups and spanky shining steeds, BMW Motorrad chose to show off the edge and the quality of the new bikes by collaborating with India’s leading motorcycle stunt team, the Ghost Ryderz. The media launch saw the entry of the bikes on one-wheel and the message was loud and clear. BMW MEANS BUSINESS!

What went on next was a stunning show of riding skills and a pure display of what the bikes can endure.

Smoking out the competition

The Ghost Ryderz showing off their skills and how the BMW G310 R is a pure performance machine.

and, the same applies for the BMW G310 GS

The Ghost Ryderz used and abused the bikes and the machines played along, letting everyone know that quality is synonymous to the brand BMW.

Next, came in the part that everyone had been waiting for, where the company’s leads, Head of Region Asia, China, Pacific, South Africa, Mr. Dimitris Raptis and Mr. Vikram Pawah, President, BMW Group India rode in on the two twins, joined by the BMW Motorrad dealers from across the country.

Head of Region Asia, China, Pacific, South Africa, Mr. Dimitris Raptis said, “BMW Motorrad has a legacy of creating motorcycles with a unique appeal, some of which have created a proud history in the world of two-wheelers. Whether it is the performance, quality or handling, BMW Motorrad captures the pulse of true motorcyclists. Bringing the brand’s formidable experience and premium aspirations to the sub-500 cc segment, the all-new BMW G 310 R and the all-new BMW G 310 GS have opened up another important chapter in BMW Motorrad’s history and will lay a strong foundation for future growth.”

The president of BMW Group India, Mr. Vikram Pawah said- “BMW Motorrad has brought the world’s finest premium motorcycles to India and created a distinct place for itself among motorcycling enthusiasts within a short span of time. The all-new BMW G 310 R and the G 310 GS will captivate the fast growing sub-500 cc segment and bring new customer groups to the world of BMW Motorrad. The all-new BMW G 310 R is the perfect urban roadster for those who want to make motorcycling a part of everyday lives, whether it’s on an empty road or on the way to work. For those looking for an extra streak of adventure and fun, the all-new BMW G 310 GS is the answer. Both the offerings are set to redefine their segment as they are ideal for young people, novices, returning riders and many other motorcyclists.”

Now, everything you need to know about the BMW G310 R.

Challenge the city with a dynamic all-rounder roadster, ready to take on the streets with a sporty spirit with the new BMW G 310 R. The all-new BMW G 310 R embodies the pure essence of a BMW roadster. Precisely it offers all that is needed for performance and comfort. It is just happily winding its way nimbly and flexibly through the narrow city streets as well as long touring on the highways. The aggressive design of the BMW G 310 R reveals it’s agile, dynamic character makes it look like a smaller BMW S 1000 R. The striking headlamp, muscular fuel tank, attractive trim elements and characteristic roadster proportions of the front and rear give it a mature presence on the road. The short wheelbase promises fast changes of direction, while the high rear conveys lightness justifying the bike’s sporty nature. High-end details such as the standard upside-down fork, quality materials, supplementary fittings and excellent workmanship all reflect the finest within the segment.

The BMW G310 GS

Plan everyday adventures with the true GS soul promising unity between urban commute with suburban fun with all new BMW G310 GS. The all-new BMW G310 GS can be identified as a genuine GS at first sight. It is a highly contemporary product with a level of versatility that is currently the first bike in the segment. Nimble and agile in traffic, yet supremely rugged in tough terrain, a whole new world of riding experience can be experienced by its agility. Compact, yet mature and comfortable, it is the perfect companion for adventures of everyday riding. With its high front fender, windscreen, and high rear end, it features classic elements from the larger GS sibling models. The characteristic beak of GS runs as a band of colour emerging from the headlamp mask across the fuel tank to the side trim. The luggage bridge comes as standard fitment in the BMW G310 GS.

Also BMW Motorrad is offering a standard warranty for three years and unlimited kilometres – a first-in-its-segment.

The all-new BMW G310 R and the all-new BMW G310 GS have been developed in Munich, Germany by BMW Motorrad and will be produced in Hosur, India by cooperation partner TVS Motor Company.

BMW G310 R has been launched in 3 metallic colours Style HP, Cosmic Black and Racing Red and BMW G310 GS has also been launched in 3 colours Pearl White Metallic, Cosmic Black and Racing Red.

However both the bikes are powered by the same engine. The newly developed 313cc water-cooled 4 stroke motor produces 35 horses of power and 28 Nm of peak torque. A distinct feature of this engine is that it is backward tilted and the head is turned by an angle of 180 degrees. The bikes are capable of doing a 0-50 kmph run in just 2.5 seconds and the top speed is said to be 143 kmph. The newly designed engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox, which could give the best possible output of engine to wheels.

Talking about the suspension, both the bikes carry a little stiffer setup. The front end comes with an upside-down fork while the rear features an aluminium swing arm with a mono-shock unit. The suspension is designed for easy handling, stability and cornering.

Both the bikes feature a 2-channel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) setup for great braking performance.

The instrument cluster is based on an LCD display which offers a wide range of information.

Also the G310 twins are very competitively priced at Rs. 2.99 lacs for G310 R and Rs. 3.49 lakhs for the G310 GS. And the 3 years unconditional, unlimited kilometres warranty is the cherry on the pie. So you can ride it anyway you want.

With the launch of the BMW G310 twins, BMW has really upped it’s game in the sub-500cc category. While some would call it a little steep for a 310cc machine, a lot many are vouching for the brand name.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

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