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Hottest biker hang-outs in Delhi/NCR

With biking growing in the country, it’s a common sight nowadays to wear leather, gear up and hang out with like-minded people (read bikers). And, we are not complaining! Hence, to make things simpler, we have hand-picked some of the most amazing and mind-blowing hangouts which are loved by bikers. So next time you wonder where to go with your biker friends, just pick a place from the list and ride off.

1. Throttle Shrottle

A ride on GFR is not complete unless you don’t make a stop at Throttle Shrottle. It is located on the Gurgaon Faridabad Road often referred to as GFR. The major attraction in this café is the idea of rugged and raw ambience. Just ride in and enjoy the amazing cold-coffee or munch on some mouth-watering Keema buns. Adding more to the biking feel, the interiors of the café adorn bike parts, making it look like a scene straight out of Mad max. The good news for those who own pets and wish to take them along on rides is that the café is 100% pet-friendly.

Courtesy: Zomato

2. The Bikers cafe

As the name suggests, this amazing café is only built for bikers in MGF Emmar building, Gurgaon. The café provides you with indoor as well as outdoor seating arrangement where you can feel the cool breeze or opt for the air conditioning. On the interior, the café is decorated with pictures of bikes and riders making it more panoramic and breath taking. Adding to uniqueness The Bikers’ Cafe uses a distinctive type of cutlery that is carved out of wrenches and other mechanical tools. When it’s about food your visit cannot be counted unless you taste the Spanish Haven combo here. And for beer lovers, in the near future café will be serving freshly brewed beer too.

Courtesy: Gociyguides

3. Motoziel Xperience Cafe and Brewery

If you are a beer lover who keeps looking out for places that serve freshly brewed beer, Motoziel café & brewery is your place. This café can be somewhat considered as a one-stop-shop for everything motorcycling. Ride in any day and you will find some great bikes on show inside the café itself. So while you wait for your order to arrive, roam around shopping and trying out your favourite riding gear.

Courtesy: dineout

4. Young, wild and free cafe (Satya Niketan)

Crazy wall art is something that will drag your attention in this biking themed café. The beautiful bikers’ dugout has been put up in Satya Niketan amidst the hustle and bustle of the city to put your brain on flight mode so that you can just sit and enjoy the unique in itself graffiti and chicken young wild free pasta. The setting is like cherry on the cake as you can always straighten out your legs after a long ride and can relax with soothing music while you wait for your favourite food to arrive.

Courtesy: Justdial

5. Tea shop (Noida)

Teasta – the tea shop in Noida is a landmark in itself. This small place is really popular with the bikers. The Irish, hazelnut and caramel cold-coffees will keep you glued while you enjoy the value for money sandwiches from the next door Bistro37. There is no sitting arrangement as such, but the beauty of this is that you get to look cool while sipping that cold coffee standing next to your bike.

Courtesy: pureecoindia

6. The All American Diner

As the name suggests this café is wholly based on classic and vintage style American diners. Situated in India Habitat Centre, the place is well known for its unique ‘Typical American diner breakfast spread’ and the wall paintings and posters that are more or less a showcase of early American biking TV shows and movies. The place is dimly lit and feels like an old vintage diner on US freeway where hundreds of riders would stop to quench their thirst and pacify their hunger and make new friends before continuing their ride. Adding to the beauty, is the fact that the India Habitat Centre has a safe parking for the biggest of bikes. So just ride in and enjoy a meal while the bikes cool off.

Courtesy: dineout

7. Riding guns

Contrary to its name that spells all violence, the Riding Guns café is a unique, beautiful and lovely hangout for the bikers and bike lovers. The outdoor seating arrangement will give you a chance to relish on yummy and mouth-watering food while enjoying the ambience. The menu here is what separates it from others. The owner being a rider himself chose to make a menu in which the food dishes are divided on the basis of various riding locations, adventures and trips.

If we talk about the interior of this sort of open café, sketches and caricatures of bikes, riders and locations are covering the entire wall portion. We loved the paneer pizza here and would highly recommend it to the vegetarians reading this.

Courtesy: LBB

Tell us about your favorite hangout in the comments section below...

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