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5 myths about Adventure Touring

“Once the travel bug bites, there is no known antidote”-said a wise man.

And, if you are worried to ride alone to the unknown, most probably you’ve heard some stories about it. Let us remind you here that there is no solid proof for any of these stories. Well, we’re taking matters into our own hands and busting some myths about adventure touring on a motorcycle.

1. Adventure travel is unsafe, especially for solo riders.

What does unsafe mean to you? Of course, you can face some dangerous areas known for crime, wildlife or extreme weather conditions. But, let’s be honest. That’s why you go out riding in the first place, to know the risks and yet overcome them. And anyway, if it’s your time, even riding safe won’t help as some idiot out there would crash into you. Things can happen but we don’t need to obsess over that. Most of the people, who tell you solo travelling is dangerous, haven’t experienced this kind of adventure themselves. It is just like a guy stuck in a job he hates telling you how dangerous listening to your heart is, or your girlfriend telling you how troublesome growing a beard is. Travelling makes you learn the rules of survival and everything is going to be fine once you learn them.

2. You need to spend a fortune

Though you can’t help yourself with the costs of fuel, but there are many other ways you can have a budget travel. You don’t need to spend a heck load of money on an adventure trip. No need to have meals at those big fancy restaurants. Try the roadside dhabas for your meals instead. Don’t stay in a luxury suite, carry a tent or look for budget-friendly homestays. Only these small steps are going to make a big difference on overall cost of the ride. Honestly, staying in home stays is worth it as you are more exposed to the local culture which helps you get to know more about the people, language, the local attractions and the culture. And on an adventure tour you basically need a bed for the night, as having a long day on the ride and next day is going to be same or more tiring, you don’t expect luxuries. All you need is good food and a cozy bed.

3. Adventure is all about an exotic location

An adventure is a stage where you put yourself in a position that you are experiencing something new, facing different challenges and learning about new things. The beauty of motorcycling is that we are beginning a new adventure every time we throw a leg over the saddle and crank it up. So, adventure is everywhere. It is a state of mind and if you go looking for it, you will find it.

4. Off-road is more dangerous than highway cruising

This is a very popular myth and hence most of the wifeys prefer the men buy Harleys instead of the adventure bikes. What a lot of people don’t understand is that you need to adapt a skill set for both on-road and off-road riding. No one else is going to do it for you so why not get prepared earlier than you set off on an off-road adventure trail. Comparing both the categories, the challenges can be as different as chalk and cheese according to the road or trail conditions. On an off-road trail you are more likely to maintain a much lower speed, but you got to see a part of world a majority of people do not reach. Once you start enjoying the dirt tracks, you are open to a whole new level of adventure.

P.S. – Off-road riding can be highly addictive, so choose wisely.

5. You need a perfect bike for Adventure

Adventure touring is all about making the best of the worst. Out of all the misconceptions about motorcycle adventure touring, the biggest is that you do it only if you have the right bike. The perfect bike literally does not exist. The best bike for one type is probably not worth for the other type. If your bike is in good condition and you like riding it, regardless of what make or style or displacement it is, it is the perfect bike for you. It’s never about the bike. It’s the biker. So, go out and ride whatever you want. Big bike, small bike – it’s all good!

If we're missing something, let us know in the comments section below....

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