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5 General Myths about Motorcycling


Track tires will make you go faster

This is one the biggest most stupid thought processes. No tyre compound is responsible for your speed. They are just to keep you on the road with ample grip. Road tires are completely different from race tires. The different compounds and properties are designed to work in a different manner. No street tyre can provide you appropriate grip on track and neither a race tyre is going to help you on a highway. Track tires needs to be heated up to a specific temperature, else you’ll be seen kissing the ground at the very first corner. Stick to road tyres, unless you own a machine fully dedicated to track riding only.


Full-face helmets reduce visibility

According to DOT (Department of Transportation, USA) certification, all full faced Helmets must provide at least 210 degrees field of view. This clearly means that your peripheral vision doesn’t get affected. Hence we suggest you to buy an authentic DOT, ECE, or SNELL certified helmet to get a better vision and safety. Getting a cheaper, non-certified helmet will be the best option only if you want it to be the last ride of your life. Apart from safety, a full face helmet will save your day by keeping bugs and dirt particles away from your face and eyes.


Loud Pipes Save Lives

As the myth goes, loud pipes are said to save lives, the loud sound will probably get attention, but the exhaust facing backward creates a lot of sound which probably goes un-noticed by the driver in front, if all the windows are rolled up and music system is in action (even at medium sound). Even the largest engine bikes will fail to mark their presence for the driver ahead them. Instead, the guy behind you might get irritated over a long period. So we suggest you to be seen more than being heard. Riding gear with good visibility will serve the purpose. That’s the only reason companies are providing AHO (All Time Headlamps On) system.


New tires come with a coating

You’re going to crash, slip or tip over just because of your own mistake, don’t blame your new tyres for it. This is another big myth in motorcycling world. Most of the new tires look shiny at the store which is pretended to be a shiny polish coating. Actually it is the effect which comes out from the moulds in the factory. You don’t need to scrub the tyres initially with riding on low air pressure. Riding on under-inflated tyre is unsafe and can even cause damage to the tyres and create cracks on the sidewall as well. This is probably something you don’t want to see on your new tyres. If you still don’t believe me, take a sand paper and rub off a thin layer from your new tyre, which will eventually reduce the tyre life, but is much safer than riding on an under-inflated tyre.


You are irresistible to women

Just because you ride a motorcycle and are covered with leathers from head to toe, doesn’t make you a chick magnet. But if you find someone with whom you could talk about bikes for hours and hours, you’re probably blessed.

No doubt you look cool or hot (depends upon the weather) in riding gears, but this doesn’t mean you don’t need any pickup line to score girls. And never dress to impress while riding a motorcycle, always dress for the crash. Also matching all your gears with your bike will probably make you a Power Ranger, which might look soothing to kids and Power Ranger fans, but not to ladies out there.

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