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Bluarmor cool head solutions

Bluarmor’s Blusnap is the answer to keeping your helmet cool

The six seasons we enjoy and endure in India is joyous and anguish at the same time. We have quite an extreme weather climate throughout the year and we celebrate half of them but we have to struggle through the other half. As bikers, we ride through all season regardless of it all. From the multi-layered hunky motorcycle jackets we wear, the seasonal gloves we juggle, the breathable or waterproof boots we choose and the lid we wear on our heads to keep us safe and look cool too. So do we have to only look cool in our helmets as we struggle to withstand the elements?

We at bikers for Good have the in-depth scoop on a new way to answer that question. The Blu snap brought to us by the pioneering company Blu armor. The company delivers to us bikers a means of keeping cool while looking cool. The Blu snap is an ingenious innovative product that is ready to tackle the heat build up in the interior of the helmet. The mortal kombat looking mask add- on for the helmet is quite the eye catcher as well with several trendy graphic infused straps.

The interesting concept of an air conditioned helmet is within reach. The Blu snap is simply mounted on the front of the helmet and held in place with an elastic non-slip band and Velcro mounts. A washable air-filter unit which is easily removed and restored is practical and keeps dust out but sadly it isn’t an anti-pollution grade filter. After filling the small reservoir with water, opening the bolt to let it in and then turn on the long lasting system, cool air begins to be released from two vents which would be placed inside the helmet so it doubles as a defogger as well, relief to our spectacle friends, we understand the pain. Voila, a complete mobile temperature moderating cooling defogger for the biker on the go.

We all know when any new idea or material is produced they are always followed by problems and complication. Since Blu snap is a unique product with no direct competition and is a pioneer in the field of helmet cooling system, it is followed by a lot of curiosity and drawbacks. Apart from its main function, the robust build is an issue; the compartment is bulky and obstructive. Turning your head over to see blind spots while taking a turn is quite the stretch. A smaller more ergonomic design would be more appreciated. The placement as well could use some more thought process, as it is placed in front of the helmet. When in such position several issues arise. Primarily the weight and then aerodynamics, with water filled in it weighs roughly around 400 grams making the helmet fling up and down over speed breaker and uneven roads and an indicator for the level of water would be nice too.

The construct of the Blu snap could have been more of an extension of the helmet shape rather than a chunky unit, so when we bikers make that escape in between cars and attain that burst of speed the aero drag does pull the helmet down. At low speed we do not feel it but over 100 km/hr the fight to look ahead begins. Waterproofing is decent but I wouldn’t take it under heavy monsoon season. The rubber material used to cover the device seems it would deteriorate being exposed to the blazing sun and break off after several refills and charging over time. Over all a compact and smoother finish would resolve a lot issues.

On the long run and daily use it might become natural but it will take some getting used to.  The concept of keeping a cool face in the intense summer heat is a sign of relief and being reasonably priced, it is a sound investment to make to beat the heat. So the fantasy we had of a cool helmet is heading the right direction and Blu snap is spear heading it.

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