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Indian Motorcycle Riders Group rode to Chittorgarh and the pictures will just win you over

On the 29th of June, 2018, the BFGsquad rode with the Indian Motorcycle Presidential Chapter and Indian Motorcycle Delhi to Chittorgarh. Even though this might seem like a wrong time to head to Rajasthan, we were amazed with the picturesque fort, unbelievably green landscapes and heavy rain that made the ride fun and adventurous at the same time.

Riders from the IMRG Lion Chapters, Ahmedabad and Surat also joined in making it a mini festival of sorts.

Here is the beauty of these 3 days of insane riding captured through our lens.

Early morning line-up welcomed by slight drizzle.

The “Indian” flag waved and the ride begins.

Wet roads and high spirits welcome us on NH8

And together we ride.

Breakfast stop with beautifully dark clouds.

Riding off again. The Indian Roadmaster leads the way.

These bikes are great lookers aren’t they?

Peace out and ride!

Deepak on his Dark Horse

A couple that rides together, stays together.

Come storm, come rain, I’ll stand by my bike.

A dirty bike tells the tale of the great ride. This one was after facing a lot of rain and mud slung at us from trucks and other big vehicles on the road.

When you have a highway cruiser but a spirit of an offroader… or was it wet undies?

It’s a luxury property they said. The roads are smooth as butter they said.

And finally, we reach.

…only to head out again. This time, Chittorgarh fort was the destination.

We stopped on the way at a girls’ school to do our share of “good”

Giving them bags that can fill a future full of education.

Bags full of memories and happy faces.

And then, the young girls get to take a feel of the Indian Motorcycle

And we get back on the road. Chittorgarh Fort beckons.

The #bfgsquad at work

Friends become family and bikes unite.

Riding the Indian Roadmaster at Chittorgarh fort, and we did not know what was more drool worthy, the bike or the location.

Don’t these bikes look just so beautiful even when they’re silently just standing there. True trains of being Indian we’d say.

What’s more majestic?

Brothers who met us on the road. Somehow flags on motorcycles unite more people than all other flags. Think about it.

Talk about a pool party? It just cannot get better than this.

To each his own ride… the next morning when we had something very special to look forward to. What was it? Scroll down to find out.

That’s the CEO of Indian Motorcycle, Mr. Pankaj Dubey riding with the Bikerpreneur, a morning ride very few get to enjoy.

“It’s a very light bike. It feels so effortless every time I ride it.”, Pankaj Dubey, CEO, Indian Motorcycle

If you have had a great ride, your smile says it all. Here, we bid adieu to Mr. Pankaj Dubey and headed back to Delhi.

Three days of pure fun, riding and luxury is what the IMRG Ride to Chittorgarh would stand for. There is a lot more coming up and we can’t wait to ride with Indian Motorcycle again.

Which bike would we be riding next? Guess in the comments section. 5 best guesses receive merchandise from Bikers for Good.

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