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Shell Lubricants launches its whole range of Engine oils with Danilo Petrucci | Bikers for Good

At an exclusive event with MotoGP Racer Danilo Petrucci, Shell is all set to help bikers #OutrideAnything

In an exclusive event with the best names in the motorcycling Industry, Shell Lubricants called in MotoGP racer Danilo Petrucci to launch the Shell Advance AX7 with a full range of engine oils that include:

Shell Advance Ultra- Fully-synthetic oil

Shell Advance AX7- Semi-synthetic oil

Advance AX5- Mineral oil

Advance AX3/Star- Entry tier oil

Racing for Team Ducati, Danilo Petrucci, unveiled the Shell Advance AX7 along with Ms. Mansi Tripathy, Country Head, Shell Lubricants India Cluster and Mr. Gareth Flood, Chief Marketing Officer, Shell Lubricants India.

“Shell Advance’s range of engine oils is formulated to give your bike’s engine complete protection, giving you the courage to outride anything. The engine oils categorized under this range provide protection against high temperature, retain horsepower, improve fuel efficiency, keep pistons and bike engines clean and protect against engine wear and tear, enabling longer engine life”, said Ms. Mansi Tripathy.

For a long time in India, bikers have faced a multitude of challenges thanks to the Indian road conditions. The engine oils categorized under the Shell Advance portfolio provide protection against five key challenges faced on the road:

High temperature – With Shell Advance, engines outride the challenge of heat as they protect against piston deposits even at high temperatures. Protected engines stay cool at high temperatures.

Horsepower loss- With Shell Advance, there is no power loss throughout the journey. Engines protected with this oil enjoy maximum horsepower.

Suffering fuel economy – Shell Advance provides greater fuel economy as compared to mineral oils. Protected engines don’t need constant refueling.

Suffering pistons and engines due to dirt and sludge development – The cleaner a bike’s engine, the better its performance. Shell Advance keeps pistons cleaner. Protected engines don’t fear uneven roads.

Other traffic stresses – Continual wear and tear affect a bike’s performance. Shell Advance protects against engine wear which can help with longer engine life. Protected engines don’t stress in traffic jams.”

With this grand entry into the motorcycling circuit, Shell Lubricants is surely set to fuel motorcyclists’ ambitions across the country.

About Shell Advance AX7 10W-30

Shell Advance AX7 is a semi-synthetic motorcycle oil that comes with Active Cleansing Technology which prevents dirt particles from sticking together to form deposits thus enhancing engine performance. Even under adverse climatic and geographic conditions, the Advance AX7 engine oil ensures that the engine delivers high power and torque, improving control, comfort and enhancing the comfort of your ride. Shell Advance AX7 has been introduced as the “winning ingredient for your ride” by Shell. The oil delivers more power, reducing engine noise and vibration, protecting and prolonging the life of the engine by preventing sludge from getting deposited on the engine. It is suitable for modern high-performance motor bikes and different riding styles.

The Shell Advance AX7 10W-30 is specially formulated for new powerful engines and modern bikes & will enable passionate consumers to experience power like never before.

How is Shell Advance AX7 10W-30 different?

With more and more OEMs moving to 10W-30 viscometrics, this specially formulated oil is for new powerful engines and bikes. This will enable passionate consumers to experience power like never before. As a semi synthetic motor oil, Shell Advance AX7 10W-30 is designed for modern high-performance motor bikes that undergo extreme terrain and temperature stresses. These adverse conditions let the dust particles build up leading to sluggish engine performance like poor pick-up and poor mileage. The oil has been specifically formulated with Active Cleansing Technology that prevents the deposit from building up on the engine, thereby ensuring engine endurance and smooth functioning of the vehicle.

Additionally, all Shell Advance Motorcycle Oils come with PurePlus Technology, which converts pure natural gas into clear base oil devoid of any crude oil impurities, are dedicated bike oils with excellent performance characteristics achieved by carefully blending quality base oils and applying Shell’s formulation know-how. Most 4-stroke bike engines contain less oil than car engines, and that oil not only has to perform in the engine, but also must survive the high stresses of the gearbox and allow smooth clutch operation. Shell Advance’s PurePlus technology helps vehicles meet these requirements so that bikers can enjoy their rides.

Moreover, the all new innovative packaging is designed to appeal to passionate bikers, connoting power for high-performance bikes.

What is “Active Cleansing Technology”?

Active Cleansing Technology is an engine oil technology that adapts to the changing engine stresses to provide more protection when needed. Formulated with Active Cleansing Technology, Shell Advance AX7 is designed keeping in mind the extreme terrain and temperature stresses that high-performance motor bikes undergo. When the engine encounters adverse situations that result in deposit build-up, Active Cleansing Technology helps clean the engine, thereby ensuring a smooth ride.

This step by Shell conveys the importance of preparation, persistence and courage to #OutRideAnything and the products by Shell are only going to make this possible for Indian bikers in the times to come.

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